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              Chinese Version
              Current position: Home page - Company profile - Enterprise culture - Employee care
              Employee care
              Spring Festival speech by Mr.Liu Shihe, Chairman of the Board of QPEC
              The leaders of QPEC paid a new year call to the employees on the 1st day at work
              QPEC is praising the advance collectices and individuals
              QPEC is organizing employees to study 3D software
              QPEC insists on annual health examination for the employees
              QPEC is organizing inductive education to the new employees
              QPEC is organizing specific technical lectures
              QPEC held a forum to solicit extensively the opinions and suggestions from the employees
              Employee care
              Holding a symposium with employees to ask for their advice
              Employee care
              Care about employee's health conditions and arrange for annual physical check-up
              Employee care
              Provide platform for employees development by holding technical workshops etc
              Employee care
              Organizing emergency precautions of fire to improve employee's sense of safety protection.
              Employee care
              Leaders are wishing a happy Spring Festival to staff
              Employee care
              Paying attention to growth of staff and carrying out technical training by multi-channel
              Employee care
              Developing recreation and sports activities to strengthen staff's physique
              Employee care
              Sending living goods to the needy staff
              Employee care
              Staff health examination