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              Current position: Home page - Technical superiority - Engineering design for pyrolysis gasoline ...
              Engineering design for pyrolysis gasoline hydrogenation/aromatics extraction plant

              QPEC owns nationalized process technology of pyrolysis gasoline hydrogenation. It successively completed the engineering design for revamp of the 150,000T/Y and the 550,000T/Y pyrolysis gasoline hydrogenation plants for Qilu Petrochemical Co, as well as the 65,000T/Y pyrolysis gasoline hydrogenation plant for Zhongyuan Co. etc. The nationalized engineering design of Qilu 150,000T/Y Pyrolysis Gasoline Hydrogenation Plant was awarded the Survey and Engineering Design Prize for Excellent Projects of Shandong Province in 2002. Commissioning of the 550,000T/Y Pyrolysis Gasoline Hydrogenation Plant for Qilu Petrochemical Co. was successful achieved by once in Oct.2004.

              QPEC possesses nationalized process technology of tetramethylene sulfolane aromatics extraction. The 100,000T/Y Aromatics Extraction Plant designed by QPEC was awarded the Survey and Engineering Design Model Prize in Shandong Province in 2000. The Qilu 600,000 T/Y aromatics extraction unit designed and construction supervised by QPEC witnessed its one-shot commissioning successfully in Oct 2008 and was awarded with the prize of project survey and design model in Shandong Province.