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              Current position: Home page - Technical superiority - Completed set technology of localization for BR plants
              Completed set technology of localization for BR plants

              The company has developed its own proprietary process packages for BR production. The process takes butadiene and solvent oil as feedstock to produce BR by polymerization of complex anion solutions under action of nickel, aluminum and boron catalysts (with boron catalysts filled separately). The process has a final conversion rate of 85±2% and owns such properties as advanced process, low consumption of energy and materials and high reliance etc.

              The company has developed its own process packages via technical innovation and absorption of experiences from projects in the past decade such as the 40ktpa BR built in Dushanzi, Xinjiang in 1995, the 40ktpa BR plant built in Qilu Petrochemical in 1997 and the 120ktpa BR plant expansion project in Shanghai Gaoqiao in 2007 etc. Since 2008, the company has been engaged in, through process package transfer, design for BR plant in Shandong Yuhuang Group, SBR-BR complex in Fujian Meizhouwan Chlorine and Caustics Industry Co Ltd and BR plan in Xinjiang Tianligaoxin. The above plants will be put into operation during 2009-2011 as expected.