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              Chinese Version
              Technical superiority
              Current position: Home page - Technical superiority - Technical development achievements
              Intellectual property list of SQPEC-Technical development achievements
              S/N Technical development achievements and technical superiority Certification No.
              1 Package technique of BR  
              2 ESBR package technique  
              3 NBR package technique  
              4 Package technique for 80ktpa MEK plant  
              5 Production technique of MTBE  
              6 Technique of propylene production with PDH  
              7 Butane/isobutene dehydrogenation technique  
              8 Package technique for high-efficiency sulphur unit  
              9 Production technique for butadiene with butene oxo-hydrogenation  
              10 Comprehensive utilization technique of mixed C4  
              11 Petrochemical waster water advance treatment and cyclic utilization  
              12 Package technique for styrene/ethyl-benzene  
              13 Package technique for AN  
              14 Butene-1 production technique with C4 from refinery as raw material  
              15 Technology of dichloroethane production with chlorination of thin ethylene